Who We Are

Industry veterans with a proven record. 

We drive valuable, sustained organic traffic in modern search engines. 

Our team has built properties in competitive categories from the ground up. Over the past five years, we’ve added:

Monthly Visitors Across Properties

Links Built and Attracted

Over our careers, we’ve built countless properties that continue to drive organic leads for middle-market companies.


Our experience in planning and directing large-scale SEO campaigns began in 2011 at RankLab, a Los Angeles SEO agency. We directed client strategy with a special focus on the health, financial services and education categories. 

Because of our work in the addiction treatment field, creating  top performing properties over a period of 5 years, Ranklab was acquired by a leading treatment provider. Our purpose was to build their organic presence from the ground up. Over the following 2 years, we directed strategy, produced content and ran link acquisition campaigns – taking this company from an insignificant presence to holding the largest share of organic search of any treatment provider.

After conquering the treatment space, we went on to build and lead an SEO team at an industry-leading content marketing agency, working in a variety of verticals with businesses small and large.

We’ve now founded Merit Metrics. Our aim is to continue advancing the practice of organic search marketing and partner with select clients for high-impact campaigns.


Andrew O'Connor

Founder and CEO

Andrew has been leading SEO strategy for more than 13 years, serving as the SEO director at two previous agencies and as VP of Digital Strategy at a publicly-traded enterprise company. Having helped build and sell a $4mm agency, as well as owned lead generation properties, Andrew now enjoys forming close partnerships with clients, applying his expertise and celebrating shared success.

Andrew studied History and Anthropology at UCLA. “For fun”, he continues learning, with a special love of ancient history.


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Our Business Model

Many agencies seek to grow by operating on a strict vendor basis with a large quantity of clients. The biggest agencies provide narrowly defined deliverables in a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement, often not taking on accountability for results. This is the most common reason that businesses have a negative experience with an SEO agency.


We believe that effective, high-return campaigns in competitive verticals require a flexible, collaborative and accountable approach.


Rather than growing our agency through indiscriminate client quantity – we believe in scaling our campaigns in tandem with the growth and success of a select handful of clients.

 As such, we seek to engage with a small number of clients that meet the following criteria:

1. The client is positioned for an ROI-positive campaign with high long-term growth potential, as determined by our auditing.

2. Client investment is sufficient to build the necessary assets to overcome competitors and exceed campaign performance goals.

3. We are aligned on mutual goals and expectations, with a desire for a long-term partnership. We scale and amplify success together.

Campaigns Our Founders Have Led

Student Loan Comparison Site

This client came to us after their site had been severely penalized by Google.

We worked together to see through a comprehensive website overhaul. This included revamping their content quality, site structure, link disavows and more to become more in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Three months into this project, this client saw a 400% increase in traffic – surpassing their pre-penalty traffic levels and achieving new heights.

American Addiction Centers

Over 2 years, our core team built the top performing websites across the entire addiction treatment landscape, garnering millions of sustained monthly visitors and unparalleled ROI.

Organic search became AAC’s primary source of leads and obtained a CPA unparalleled in the industry.

Recovery Brands

We began working with Recovery Brands when it was already the industry leading treatment center directory and provider of behavioral health information.

Implementing a comprehensive overhauled strategy across more than a dozen websites, we were able to add millions of additional monthly visitors over a period of 18 months.

Close collaboration and training with the Recovery Brands team allowed us to maximize the impact of our combined work.

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