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Over years of experience, we’ve honed our service offerings into some of the best. 


Our strategy, content and link building capabilities have continually

evolved ahead of search engine algorithm changes.


Our three pillars of successful campaigns are:

Deep Analysis

Informed Strategy

Thorough Execution 

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Our Mission

To redefine the concept of an ‘SEO Agency’.

We are your Strategic Growth Partners – here to guide you through evolving search algorithims and propel organic search into a sustainable, highly profitable channel.

Organic Growth & Strategy

Deeply researched and KPI-focused SEO strategy – tailored to your website, competitive landscape and goals. It all begins with knowing exactly where to invest, how much, and for how long. This means going beyond the typical ‘SEO audit’ and into the nuances of your business.

Expert Content Creation

We fulfill searcher intent with intensely researched, sourced and optimized content. We write content for people first, search engines second. Our team of editors and writers approach content with 8 years of experience, following specifications to create best-on-the-web content assets with both scale and quality.


Excellent UX/UI and beautiful design are essential for increasing engagement, retention and conversion rates. The cumulative impact of great design also contributes to positive search engine ranking signals. Our expert designers approach your site with full SEO guidance, helping to avoid the common pitfalls of uninformed design.

Link Building

We specialize in building and attracting natural links to your site – links that will always drive authority. We offer research link building and creative link acquisition strategies. Diverse, relevant links and a natural overall link profile are essential for competitive rankings.

Front-End Development

As a ‘full service’ SEO agency, we provide front-end development to support all campaign needs. As each campaign requires, our front-end developers enable redesigns, design enhancements, CRO testing and more. When a client needs assistance with website development, we can fill that role.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate goal of any SEO campaign is to increase customer acquisition and drive revenue. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of testing varying website elements to improve traffic-to-lead conversion rates. CRO helps extract the maximum possible value out of all website traffic, amplifying benefits from SEO campaigns.

How We Work

Competitive, high-growth SEO is complex and highly demanding. This is why we are your Strategic Growth Partners. 

This means that we invest the time needed to understand the intricacies of your website, competitors and consumers. It means we share knowledge, offer guidance to leverage internal resources, train teams, and use every other tool at our disposal for growth.

The traditional SEO agency model often leans on inexperienced employees using ‘cookie cutter’ strategies with inflexible deliverables and little accountability. The greatest amount of creativity and work often comes in the form of nice-looking reports. 

Over our careers, we’ve observed countless times that the traditional SEO agency model is insufficient to maximize a client’s growth potential. In competitive verticals, it often doesn’t make a dent. 

This is why our mission is to redefine the ‘SEO agency’.

Why Merit Metrics?

Tailored Strategy

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The organic landscape for your business is unique – the ‘cookie cutter’ approach simply won’t get you the results you deserve. From the beginning of your journey with us, we conduct extensive audits and market research to ensure that you’re getting the nuanced strategy necessary to achieve success. As you grow, these strategies will adapt and shift to maximize your ROI and continued upward path.

Quality Over Quantity

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For businesses seeking high growth campaigns, large agencies simply don’t have the ability to work hand in hand with you and execute with the necessary experience, expertise and attention to detail.

With Merit Metrics, you are more than ‘another number’. Our first concern is the growth and success of our small handful of clients. We carefully vet prospective clients so that we can be confident that with us, your success will know no bounds.

Experts Do the Work

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Many SEO agencies let the most important work fall to inexperienced junior-level staff or outsource the campaign entirely. At Merit Metrics, our expert founders personally direct all campaign strategy.

Communication is Key

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With a small and carefully selected client base, you can rest assured that we are here to provide flexible assistance at every turn. Consider us your strategic partners in success – we’re not just your ‘agency’, we’re a part of your team.


They’ve been an excellent partner, running a big campaign with big results. Their attention to detail and their knowledge is the best I have ever seen, and it shows in the results!“ 

Chris Karkenny

CEO of NVISION Eye Centers

“If you’re interested in growing your digital business, and want to focus on organic growth – these are the guys to partner with.”

Derek Hyman

SVP, Growth & OPs of American Addiction Centers

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